Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Interference not Limited to Just School Board

I was going to devote this post to the school board's controversial appointment of an athletic director (AD), but the public has been doing a better job than I could at taking the board to task over ignoring the recommendations of Neshaminy Administration. So I'll leave this aspect of the story by adding the wisdom of 20-year Centennial school board member Joan Jankowksy who recently told the Courier Times that board members need to remember they are there to govern and set policy for their respective districts — not run the day-to-day operations in the schools.

Sounds like good advice.

There are some other people who could benefit from that advice - people who should know better than to interfere in the hiring process. And I'm not talking about school board members. I am talking about those Neshaminy employees and members of various booster organizations who attempted to undermine other candidates in an effort to improve the standing of the person they supported. It's one thing to write positive letters on behalf of your candidate, but when people start spreading unsubstantiated rumors of scandal/favoritism, or publicly forecast gloom and doom if the wrong candidate is selected, that is a completely different situation. Such behavior is childish, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable.

I may not agree with what our school board did, but at least they did it in full view of the public and are being held accountable. To take a controversial stand that will be unpopular requires a certain amount of conviction and courage. Conversely, to bang the war drums in the anonymous rumor mill without concern for the repurcussions is the work of a coward. And quite frankly, Neshaminy needs to rid itself of such people. Anyone care to disagree?

In the meantime, the newly appointed AD deserves the support of the Neshaminy community. He is a qualified individual who is working to improve the lives of our students. If anyone objects to the manner in which he was hired, remember that your battle is with the school board, not the candidate.


Fed up Neshaminy Employee said...

Politics is all through Neshaminy, especially at the schoool board. Let's wait and see who gets promoted next. There are people in this district who have applied for jobs over and over, but they don't get it because they are not qualified or they stink in the interview. All that has changed now because our board will give out jobs to the highest bidders. Good luck to you Mr. O'Connor. You have a rough road ahead of you.

It's a 5-4 World said...

Did you see the voting at the last meeting? Everything was a 5-4 vote, and I guess that's what we can expect for the next couple years. Average employees will be promoted by 5-4 votes, our education programs will be cut by 5-4 votes, our district will fall apart by a 5-4 vote.
I am happy that Langhorne voters put William Oconnor in office but it looks like Middletown and Lower Southampton voters ruined it for the rest of us by not giving our children that one more good vote on the board.