Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another View on an Outrageous Decision

Another letter in this morning's Courier Times says "I am appalled by the outrageous decision by Neshaminy school board members regarding the hiring of a new athletic director. I am speechless as to how a group of elected officials can undermine the educated and carefully thought-out recommendation of school administrators." Here is a link to the complete letter.


Concerned Parent and Taxpayer said...

Thank you for posting these Courier Times letters. I don't always get to read the newspaper, but I am interested in things that are about Neshaminy. I just wish it was about something more positive.

Stephen K in Langhorne said...

This is the third school district I have lived in and it is the most political by far. It probably took many years to get this way, and the school board and superintendent have to change things. If they aren't committed to change, then things will only get worse. I guess we can judge that by the next people they hire.