Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Getting Educated about Tech Ed

The myth that Neshaminy offers too many Tech Ed classes at NHS seems to have been debunked for now, but some questions do remain. Neshaminy offers 14 Tech Ed classes at the high school as compared to 22 in Bensalem, 29 at Council Rock, 16 at Pennsbury, 9 at Truman, and 9 at Tenant.

Now we have to figure out why our Tech Ed budget appears to be so much higher than those other districts. It’s probably because of how they are being classified (in other words, we aren’t really spending any more on Tech Ed, but our expenditures stand out because they aren’t lumped into another category as they are in other districts).

Out of our $9.3 million Tech Ed budget, $4.1 million is for tuition paid to the BC Tech School, and only a little over $500k is for programs at NHS. This leaves $4.7 million in expenditures that are classified as “Tech Ed” but we’re not sure exactly what they’re for.

Sounds like further research into this subject is needed.


Anonymous said...

I think the board needs to look at many more line items including this one. What else is our business office hiding in various budget groupings?

William O'Connor said...

I don't think our business office is hiding anything. It's just a question of understanding how costs have been classified in our budget.