Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good news, bad news

There is an article in today's Courier about an increase in the State Workers' Pension plan that raises the contribution rate to 5.64%. The good news is that this is not the same as the State pension plan for school workers, so our budget does not need to be adjusted.

The bad news is that while our rate for next year is unchanged, it remains at 8.22%.

Thanks for nothing, Harrisburg . . . literally, you've done nothing about this pending crisis except talk about it. This has earned you disapproval from both Angry Dog and Mr. Angry Eyes.

Come on people . . . you got us into this mess. Now it's time you got us out!


CMW said...

Ha ha! You want results from Harrisburg? Good luck! Remember back 6 months to when they finally passed a state budget four months past due. And they knew what they needed to do four months BEFORE the budget was due. They sat on it and let events turn to crisis for many, many constituents. I used to take pride in being from PA, but after having seen all that, I am ashamed of Harrisburg.

I Must Be Living in Jersey said...

(I know you don't like partisan statements Mr. O but I hope you can publish this) -
In November vote all incumbents out of Harrisburg, and keep voting them out until they start solving the issues that effect the people. Let's vote in candidates who can get things done and won't make lame excuses to explain why they haven't done ANYTHING since they were elected.

acs said...

Our Harrisburg incumbents representing Middletown are trying to hide that they have done mothing for us just to hang on to the easy pay and benefits. They should be removed in Nov to give someone else a chance. If we reelect them we get what we deserve.....nothing.

GerryG said...

I won't mention names since that is verboten on this blog but I think you can follow me.
The last state rep seemed like a young, energetic type but I voted against him in favor of our current rep. I'm ashamed to say I did it out of party loyalty. This guy has shown me nothing. In hindsight I should have voted for the other guy. Like the Jersey blogger said I'm voting this guy out in favor of the other guy. And if he doesn't do good then I'll vote his arse out of office two years from now.
Party be damned. I won't make that mistake again.
I hope I didn't violate any blog rules here William. Please post this or edit it as necessary.