Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Above and Beyond

A Neshaminy parent, Chris Olszewski, sent in a letter to the Courier Times . . .

I would like to commend teachers in the Neshaminy School District who made the recent PSSA tests a positive experience for my children.

For many students this can be a very stressful time. This was not the case for my children. Due to extensive preparation and motivation by their teachers, they actually enjoyed taking the test. I also found that it was thoughtful of their teachers to provide extra snacks for their class. That goes beyond what is expected of them. It shows how much they care!

Hats off to Herbert Hoover Elementary and Maple Point Middle School teachers.

That was a very thoughtful letter Chris, and I'm sure our teachers appreciate it.


Gabriel said...

I want to add my appreciation to those of Chris Olszewski in commending the extra mile many of our teachers go through to educate and nurture our children.

If you read this blog you already know my position on the contract issue, so I won't water down my comments with any thoughts about that. This comment is nothing more than a sincere thanks to the Neshaminy teachers.

LetsBePractical said...

It is nice to see that there are other taxpayers out there who can recognize some of the good things that the teachers and support staff do for our children. I know many of these people personally. Not only are many of them also taxpayers, they are above all, human beings. Enough of the Union bashing, and enough of the Board bashing. Negativity just breeds more negativity. Let's start focusing on the positive things that both groups have done for the District and try to get things resolved before there is irreparable harm to the District's reputation. This will only hurt our children and the community, as the home values will decline and deter more fine and decent families from moving into the District.

tiredparent said...

When I read this I thought good for you but my child had a not so good experience when it came to the pssa testing and I was going to state that but then I thought I should not since it was a nice letter and I did not want to take anything away from her. I wanted to let it stay that way but when I saw the post on another blog I thought well now we are getting bashed for not commenting so here it is.