Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tonight's Meeting Location Changed

Tonight's school board meeting (Maple Point, 7pm) will be held in the auditorium. With this being the last public session before the June 16th meeting when the final budget will be voted on, we anticipate a larger-than-usual crowd on hand this evening.

Now that you know there will be plenty of seats, you have one less reason not to come :-)

See you tonight!



JS said...

I know you are probably busy Mr. O'Connor, but could there be any update (as in more details than the less than descriptive article by the BCCT) on specifics of some issues?

What will the "pay to play" fee schedule be? (I thought most board members wanted to avoid having to do this)

Also in reference to a rather short paragraph in the article referencing several other items...

Closing the district's pools?

(which leads to)

Which sports may be cut? (I'm assuming swimming since there would be no pools)

If we eliminate the Alt Ed program, shouldn't we definitely do that before we renovated part of the High School for them? (Again this might have been brought up but the article gave no information)

What are the rest of the 11 things mentioned that could save $6 million dollars?

I'm rather disappointed in this article by Ms Canelli. She seemed very flippant with a pretty significant paragraph that mentions actions that would in effect give a tax reduction.

William O'Connor said...

JS, check back around 4pm for an update.