Monday, September 8, 2008

Shedding light on our darkest days

Confused by the debate over PSSA scores? The Neshaminy SPIN (School Parent Information Network) will feature a presentation by Superintendent Paul Kadri at their September 16th meeting at the high school auditorium beginning at 7pm. Kadri will explain how AYP tells only a fraction of the story behind Neshaminy’s PSSA performance. Even if you think you understand PSSA’s and AYP, you are encouraged to attend this presentation so you can gain a proper perspective on our results and separate fact from fiction.

A not-so hidden agenda
In case you missed the letter in yesterday’s Courier Times, click here to read what a Middletown resident said about power struggles, board bullying, and an “agenda to push Kadri out of the district.”

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JS said...

Well it looks like Kadri might have decided to give up with ever getting those three to work with him.

He is a finalist for a position elsewhere and specifically feels that it's in the District's best interest for him to move on so the Board can feel comfortable working with the Superintendant.

The "Big" (headed) three should feel happy that they have bullied a dedicated Superintendant into moving on. Maybe they'll get their wish and have a cost cutting, brown nosing, lackey in that position before too long.