Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rally for school property tax elimination

Organizers of a rally in support of House Bill 1275 asked me to be one of a dozen speakers in support of this bill that seeks to completely eliminate school property taxes. The rally took place on Monday June 2nd in the Harrisburg Capitol Rotunda in front of approximately 500 enthusiastic supporters. You can click here to see the entire rally, which lasted a little less than an hour. If you want to see my little three minute blurb, go to the time bar at the bottom of the media player and advance it approximately 2/3rds to the right (around the 30 minute mark).

To learn more about HB1275, go to the
PA Taxpayers Cyber Coalition website.


the grade is in said...

Mr. O'Connor: Thanks for representing us on property tax reform. I just watched the video. Very impressive. A grade of 'A' on your speech and presentation and a grade of 'A+' on the shirt and tie.

William O'Connor said...

Thank you, but to give credit where it's due, the Mrs. is responsible for my sartorial selection.

pianomom said...

Well done, Mr. O'Connor! I've heard board member after board member tell angry taxpayers that Harrisburg is to blame for their problems, yet you are the first board member I know who has actually tried to fix the system rather than just complain about it. It's too bad you're not interested in a political career because we could use more people like you in our state government.