Monday, June 9, 2008

Beating the heat

The District announced that buildings will close early today and tomorrow due to excessive heat. The following details were posted to Neshaminy's website:

Approximate times for dismissal due to heat for today and tomorrow:
high school - 10:45 am
middle schools - 11:20 am
elementary schools - 11:45 and noon
NO PM kindergarten (6/9 10:05 am)

Plans are being prepared to dismiss students early today because of excessive heat in schools. Details to shortly follow. (6/9 9:35 am)

The weather is for continued heat for the next two days. We will monitor the conditions of our un-airconditioned buildings. Updates will be posted here (6/9 7:30am).


Anonymous said...

Are there any of the neshaminy school that have a/c besides maple point? Is neshaminy high school getting a/c while we are refurbishing it and not just the offices?

njd said...

Part of Poquessing is air conditioned. The two story classroom part of the building is what was air conditioned during renovation 2 years ago. The offices do have a/c. The teacher lounge only has 'window a/c'. The auditorium is due to be air conditioned this summer. The gym, lockerrooms, lunchroom, technology rooms and music rooms are not air conditioned.
It's a shame they aren't all airconditioned. While it is costly, the value of education is worth it. There are many studies out there that support students learn better and teachers are better when everyone is comfortable.

William O'Connor said...

The only building in the district that is completely air conditioned is Maple Point. As NJD noted, much of Poquessing has A/C, and also the new wing of the high school is air conditioned (eventually the whole building will be).

Anonymous said...

Carl Sandburg's auditorium is air conditioned and obviously their computer rooms.

mamasaid said...

Heckman's library is air conditioned, and so are the mods. Too bad 1/2 of the mods are being closed. I don't think the whole school will fit in the library...

jr said...

Pearl Buck is also air conditioned.
If the district follows the McKissick report, all the buildings will be air cinditioned. Naturally, this will take time and money. It is possible.

Anonymous said...

I was doing alittle research on the different middle schools. On the website under the info on poquessing it says it has a new air unit as of 2006 that cool all the classrooms. It looks like to me carl sandburg is in need of a remodel one with air if the other two middle schools have it.

William O'Connor said...

One of the recommendations in the McKissick study is to make repairs to all of our buildings, and that includes installation of A/C in any facilities that don't already have them.

For those of you who think the board's work ends on Monday with decisions on Neshaminy Middle and Tawanka, you're way wrong. Our work is only just beginning. Stay tuned.