Friday, February 15, 2008

Next Meeting is February 26th

Just received word a few minutes ago from the board president that we will not be rescheduling this past Tuesday's school board meeting. I regret that this board could not pull together a meeting for next week, but apparently scheduling difficulties made it impossible.

That just gives y'all more time to prep for the 26th. See you then.


Anonymous said...

What does it take to get this meeting moved to the auditorium William and televised for the general public? Do we need to email Eccles so he is aware it is going to be a big meeting?
Please advise.

got the blues said...

Glad the meeting was in the auditorium and taped. I had to leave due to a viewing for one of our student's parent who passed away. Sure hope we get Fios to give us a Neshaminy channel soon so we FIOS customers can watch and keep in touch with the happenings at NSD.