Friday, February 22, 2008

Grade Alignment

The McKissick Study has offered us several different considerations for grade alignment. Putting aside money considerations for the moment, tell me which grade alignment you prefer by completing the poll over in the right nav bar. As always, you can also add your comments to this post.

Note - there was a typo in the second option of the poll which should read K-4/5-8.


Anonymous said...

As a parent of a child who just entered the middle school..I can't imagine them being any younger. I have noticed that my 6th grader watches the 8th graders closely with how they dress and act. Not a bad thing, but I wouldn't want my 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th grader emualting the 8th graders they see hanging around the school. 6th grade is young enough to start modeling teenage behaviour.

Anonymous said...

In support of the K-8 alignment and to support Mr. Kadri's vision this alignment could be replicated in the two models that already exist in our school district, Ferdebar/Poquessing and Sweitzer/Sandburg. These are two schools within one building where the younger students are kept and educated in their own part of the building and the middle school students are educated in their end and what separates the two is a hallway. What brings the two schools together are the partnership that becomes fostered between the two schools. The older kids learn respect and leadership skills when they can help tutor younger students, help with Field Days, be the musicians who lead the Halloween Parade and a whole host of other opportunities. You can be surprised how well older kids behave when they are looking out for younger kids and they know the kids are watching. For the elementary kids, they get more opportunities to be a part of and see all the cool things the older kids get to do, such as, plays and music programs and it makes for an easier transition into middle school. Not to mention, the kids transition with the same kids.

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Kadri supports a K-8 I would be open to change my vote. I would trust him and his vision after he explained the entire closing schools/building new school would work.

Anonymous said...

A k-8 alignment is one of a few scenarios Mr. Kadri felt that he could get the community to support. The main focus of Mr. Kadri's vision is one that if a school district is forced with the difficult task of having to consolidate buildings and close schools than it would be in the school district's best interest to find a scenario that offers the affected communities something better to look forward to.

A k-8 alignment was one way in Kadris' out of the box thinking to consolidate buildings, bring all buildings that would be staying online up to a better standard and closing the excess buildings that would require major renovations in the future.

I'm not sure if I've been able to give all the correct information in Mr. Kadri's vision, but I would urge anyone to go straight to the source and ask Mr. Kadri or ask our school board if they've been listening to Mr. Kadri before you sign off on this opinion poll. I would also urge anyone to demand from our school board something better for our community's future before any decision is made on school closures.

Mr. O'Connor, I think this opinion poll is a great idea and I applaud you for asking for our opinion, but I would hope you continue to survey people as this process goes forward and more information has been made available to the public. I think you'll find opinion's changing as things progress.