Friday, October 7, 2011

NFT claims credit for class size

Soon after Ritchie Webb's Monday clarification on class size, the NFT stepped right in to take credit by telling they were pleased to learn that the Board has taken the possibility of class size increases off of the table "following NFT leafleting and contacts with parents about the issue."

The NFT would have you believe that the pressure they applied somehow manipulated the Board into making a decision we didn't want to make, but nothing could be further from the truth. They've used far more aggressive tactics that have accomplished nothing, so it's ludicrous to believe their handing out of leaflets had anything to do with the Board's decision regarding class size.

In reality, credit for this decision rests with the Board's negotiation team and the Citizen's Advisory Panel. During their review of the collective bargaining agreement several months ago, it was agreed that nobody wanted to see an increase in class size and so this issue was removed from consideration.

Although some confusion was caused by the circulation of an incorrect version of the last offer to the NFT, it doesn't alter what the Board intended nor does it change who is responsible for the idea.

Let's give credit to where it is truly do in this case ... Thank you to the Citizen's Advisory Panel for putting the concerns of our students above of all else.

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