Friday, August 19, 2011

NFT Roadshow coming to a school district near you!

Interested in knowing where and when the NFT will show up next, and what they will say to you? More importantly, are you concerned where they obtained your home phone number from?

The NFT documents below are:

1 – “NFT Roadshow” tells you when and where they will appear
2 – “Parent Script” gives you the very words the teachers will use when they call your home phone (by the way, the author of this document is Dawn Le from the AFT)
3 – “How to Access E-school from Home” proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the NFT is using proprietary, confidential Neshaminy information for union purposes (this info has been sent to our solicitor for review)

With the assistance of the AFT, it seems the NFT will stop at nothing to protect the status quo.

Picketing … WTC … inappropriate use of confidential info … calling you at home. This is the NFT.

NFT Roadshow August 2011

Parent Script August 2011

How Access E-school From Home

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