Friday, July 1, 2011

NFT to harass board members at home, work

During their May 31st meeting with the rank and file, NFT officials unveiled their plan to take the battle to Board members’ front doors – literally. As union leaders summarized their efforts to date, they revealed to membership their 4-step plan which includes:

* Phone connect system [robot dialing] with school board members
* Picketing board member homes/businesses

Here is an unedited copy of the NFT’s Future Actions . . .

NFT May 31 Presentation Page 29

In June 2010, teachers became upset when an unknown resident started circulating letters to select neighborhoods which contained names and salaries of teachers living around them. I had at least ten teachers who came to me out of concern about this action, one even showing up at my home. I agreed such an action was highly inappropriate in a 6/24/2010 blog post where I made such comments as:

“Letters have been mailed throughout the Neshaminy area that list the names and salaries of teachers in specific developments …”

“One thing it is for sure is gutless …”

“Discussions about the NFT contract should occur at Board meetings and other appropriate public venues. At no time should anyone take action that brings the debate to a person's front door …”

Apparently these same teachers who came to me for help back then have no problem with people being harassed at home now, just as long as it isn’t them. Gutless.

At the last board meeting, the NFT objected to statements that some parents feared retribution from teachers against their children and themselves, and they did not hesitate to yell over parents and board members to make their point. How ironic they decried such concerns when all along, unbeknownst to attendees of that meeting, retaliatory measures had already been planned against the Board.

Since day one of these negotiations, teachers have felt misunderstood and unappreciated as they followed their union leaders like lemmings to the sea. And when the public reacts angrily to this latest revelation, they’ll wonder why so many in our community continue to harbor frustration and resentment towards them.

If they don’t get it by now, I’m not sure they ever will.

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