Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NFT announces new offer

Following an 8:30pm press conference last night, the NFT forwarded a copy of their new counter proposal to our attorney (see below). The Board is currently reviewing this document, and we will issue official comment after we have had a chance to assess the cost implications and educational impact this latest offer.

Nft Proposal 05312011

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gary said...

Let me first say for the first 17 years of my daughter attending NSD, I had a lot of respect for the teachers of Neshaminy. But with the WTO, not coming to the Prom or Graduation that was the straw that broke the camels back for me. The teachers are like politicians, they forget they work for the taxpayers. Throw your employers a bone and accept the sign-off on the prescription self-insured plan that the board offered in August 2010 and save us some money without strings attached.

As for their contract offer.

17-20% of health case cost. For yourself and spouse. Any dependent must pay a small portion.
3 year contract starting July 1, 2011. 1%, 1% 2.5%
No Retro pay.
Work Back to School Nights
Drug testing once a year
Elimination of Master's Equivalency (MEQ) certificates. Need to go and get a real Master Degree like everyone else
No more $27,500 retirement benefit
Not last in first out. Keep the best teachers and younger one since they are more tech savvy.