Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teachers suspended for verbal altercation

From the front page of the Courier Times . . .

Two Neshaminy High School teachers were suspended for their part in a verbal altercation regarding a third teacher's participation in a recent back-to-school night function, a school official said Tuesday.

The punishments were handed down by the administration after an investigation, the official said. The teachers served the suspensions last week.

One teacher was suspended for five days without pay and it was recommended the teacher complete an anger management program. The other teacher was suspended for one day, also without pay, said the official.

Both teachers have filed a grievance with the district against the disciplinary actions, the official said. The grievance could eventually involve a state mediator.

The suspensions could cost the teachers about $500 per day, the official added.

You can read the complete article by clicking here.

You are welcome to post comments on the matter but I must insist that names of the teachers involved not be used in the discussion. It's certainly not that I wouldn't want to comment on the details myself, but as a school board member I am held to a different standard, and therefore so is my blog.


calfonso97 said...

I'm glad to see the Board 'forcing' our NFT-cousins Neshaminy Administration to take disciplinary action against these two NFT thugs. BUT... in my humble opinion, the 'punishment' fell WAY SHORT of what they deserved.

acs said...

$500.00 per day. And Boyd has the nerve to say the NFT has been abused by the NSB for 35 years.Enough said.

NicAndy said...

I think that the Board Member should step down if the story in today's paper has a shred of truth to it. If I am correct, this Board Member is on the negotiating team, too. If we want to keep any little bit of credibility that this District may have left, we ALL need to behave humanely and professionally. Our District's reputation has already been drug through the mud with all of the nonsense that has been going on, and all of the bad press that we have been receiving. One could make a valid argument in pointing out that the incident with the teachers happened in front of students, whereas this incident with the Board member happened WITH a student. I will say that I am a bit diappointed that it does appear that the Board has not been as transparent in this case as it has been with other issues and information.