Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shameful teachers union tactics

That's the title of an opinion appearing in today's Philadelphia Daily News as written by teacher-turned-talk-show-host Dom Giordano, who said:

... Teachers in every school across the country are faced with the challenge of trying to reach kids who clearly don't want to be in the classroom. But now the reverse is happening: the educational equivalent of a work slowdown in the classroom. It's playing out in the Neshaminy School District. Unfortunately, these hardball tactics are tarnishing the image of the profession. Teachers unions are starting to lose critical battles in the court of public opinion.

The Neshaminy Teachers Union has instituted a "work to contract" rule in response to a contract impasse with the school board. This means the teachers will only do what is spelled out in the contract. Nothing more.

Over the last school year, they have taken down bulletin board decorations and refused to write college recommendations for seniors. They capped their strategy this year by boycotting the high school graduation last week.

If you're trying to win the hearts and minds of local taxpayers, why such harsh tactics? For starters, you're insulting the families of nearly 10,000 students who are the key jurors in the court of public opinion. Their taxes pay for your salaries and benefits. When it comes time for the budget vote, why would you want parents going into the voting booth with a chip on their shoulder?

These hardball tactics and harsh rhetoric are hijacking the real value of teachers, and causing great damage to the image of the teaching profession.

Click here to read Mr. Giordano's letter in its entirety.

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