Friday, March 12, 2010

Unions cool to Board invitation

The following Article courtesy of Joe Dynan from The Advance . . .

The Neshaminy Board of School Directors unanimously agreed Tuesday to seek input from both the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers and the Neshaminy Educational Support Professional Association (NESPA) before deciding where to cut programs and personnel to avoid raising taxes.

Reflecting the hard feelings that have built up during the prolonged labor impasse, the leaders of both unions were skeptical moments after the board's vote during a meeting at Neshaminy High School.

Louise Boyd, president of the teachers' union, thinks school officials should focus on a new contract for the approximately 650 teachers she represents before asking them to help eliminate the deficit. "It seems like an odd order to do things, don't you think?" she asked. The NFT's previous contract expired in June 2008 and Boyd was quick to point out that, as of Tuesday, the teachers have been working without a contract for 617 days.

Mindy Anderson, president of NESPA, the support staff union, was also under whelmed with the offer from district officials. "We'll wait until we get the invitation," she said. "I can tell them where to cut in administration," she added.

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acs said...

I understand Eccles demand for input and appreciate the board resolution, since Meunker was not about to move on this month old request. However you have to admit that it is akin to asking the victims to dig their own graves! The union employees are only out for more for themselves, no concession as "any cost" so they will circle wagons and go down together.