Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A big first step

Three cheers for State Rep Glen Grell (R-Cumberland County) for proposing House Bill (HB)2135 which calls for reform of the state workers pension plan. Although I feel the plan falls short of what it needs to accomplish, Representative Grell has taken a step that no other legislator has been willing to take: Re-engineer the very pension plan that covers teachers, state employees, and our elected officials in Harrisburg in an effort to ease the burden on Pennsylvania school districts and tax payers.

You can learn more about HB2135 by reading this article in today's Courier Times.

I sent Rep Grell an email last week and was pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful response he provided. Grell understands that this proposal is far from perfect but he sees it as a way of starting a dialogue with his colleagues. Under these circumstances, I would have to agree with Mr. Grell that this is a good start. We now need our representatives to participate in this debate rather than sit back and watch to see which way the political winds blow.

As soon as you have finished digesting this information, contact our State Representative Frank Farry via email or by calling his Langhorne office at (215) 752-6750, and demand that he actively engages in the issue of state worker pension reform.


William O'Connor said...

Come on, ACS. You know the rules of the road here. If you can tone down your comment a bit, and lose the CAPS, I'll be happy to publish your comment.

acs said...

William, Sorry on caps, they really were inadvertent.
The statement was: Where is Frank Farry hiding?? Asking him to do something is a waste of time.
He has been invisible on taxpayers issues and seems to be just another self promoting politician thinking he can get by with no one noticing he has done nothing for Middletown.
I also think he is in the pocket of labor. He does not come out to support teachers NO STRIKE LAWs, PERSA reform and the school boards stance against unions demanding big increases that will lead to huge taxes.
Farry has no backbone. Just a self serving agenda. He should be thrown out.