Sunday, September 27, 2009

Controversy sparks new record

Community interest in the teacher's contract led to a single-day record number of hits to this blog on Friday as 626 unique visits were tallied before the day was through. Many of those visitors are new to, so welcome aboard!

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Mark said...

William you are doing a great service to the community. I hope that you can the board have the strength to maintain your positions. I promise to come out in support of the board.

JS said...

It will be very interesting to see what events happen at the High School Back to School Night.

I wonder if any community response will happen opposite the teachers?

Also everyone will be able to see the completed sham of a building the wonderful members of CARE got for us. Hopefully they've replaced the letters in "Neshaminy" that have already fallen off over the entrance by the black box theater. (They are less than a year old, why are they falling off?)

The teacher's ace in the whole may be they hold out until the details about the building come out and public support for the Board goes Poof.

st319 said...


When all is known about the cutting corners that was done at the high school, the public support for the board won't go poof!

Remember, the only ones associated with CARE that are still on the board are Webb and Eccles. Nothing more needs to be said about the two of them.

O'Connor headed up the group Building for Tomorrow, which supported a new high school. Spitz was a supporter of a new high school too. Boyle was against spending the money for a new high school. Keep Boyle's choice to renovate the high school, as well as who Webb and Eccles support, when you go to the polls in November.

Mark said...

I cannot believe we are still talking about the high school building issue. Can't we let that go. Do you think there would not be any problems with building a new one? I know home inspectors that say new construction has as much if not more issues then renovation. Let's move on and try and focus on the issue at hand. The teachers need to get in line with the rest of the community that surrounds Neshaminy. Start paying for some health care and realize that accountability for performance needs to be part of the discussion.

st319 said...

Calm down Mark. I was only trying to counter JS’s remark about the community not supporting the board, after issues with the high school are revealed. It is important to know what your school board representatives stand for in order to know what direction they may go. If the community knows that good decisions were made by the majority of the board, then they will continue to stand behind them through the teacher negotiations.

I agree with you that they should be paying for their health care, but I don't think we will ever see the day that performance factors into their pay.

To the school board members...Hold firm on your more than fair offer to the NFT. The community supports you!

JS said...

And what if it turns out the project is $10+ million over budget?

What if some board members (I'm pretty sure some are being left in the dark about these issues on purpose) know the project has been a red herring?

It can sometimes be guilt by association. If it turns out there has been millions in waste on this project, how many will still continue to support the Board while it claims financial hardship?

Yes others pushed through the project, but the current Board and Administrators were the ones in charge of over seeing it's completion.

If you don't think the outcome of that will have any impact on public opinion of the Board then you're living in fantasy land with the teachers.

Mark said...

Clearly you all have some strong opinions about the school. The issue is still dividing this community and that is unfortunate. In my "fantasy land" I do not deal with "if" I like to deal with facts. If the facts prove that the current board has mismanaged the reconstruction project then change is in order. I personally would like to move forward and deal with the issues at hand such as how to stay united against a powerful well funded teachers union.