Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chalk one up for A.G. Bell

I really appreciate the support many of you have given my proposal for allowing a board member to participate in meetings via electronic communication when they cannot physically be present. Aside from the "amens" given by readers in the post down below, I have also received numerous emails of support. I hope your kind words will help to influence my fellow board members into voting for this motion at next Tuesday's meeting.

I was pleased to see an editorial in this morning's Courier which stated that "Officials should be allowed to cast remote votes." The editorial concludes, "In our view, elected representatives of the people ought to be able to vote even if it's from a hotel room or a sick bed. That's what they were elected to do. If they're capable of making a rational decision, they ought to exercise that responsibility any way they can. And that's the bottom line."

Couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks!

You can read the editorial in its entirety by clicking here.


Steve said...

The Courier agrees?


JS said...

That might be a bad sign...

Ivy League said...

Glad you got your affirmations.

Can you answer my question now about the promises of what is, "gone! gone! gone!" in the principals' contract and if it ALL stays "gone! gone! gone!" with the me-too clause?

KClarinet said...

I rarely like what I read on the Courier's opinion page, but I agree with them on this one. The limits included in this proposal seem unnecessarily restrictive. Sooner or later a perfectly legitimate reason will come up for someone's having to miss more than one meeting or for more than one board member to be away on a meeting night. Better to be less paranoid about abuse unless it actually happens.

Still, the proposal is better than nothing. It opens the door.

Ivy League said...

In the words of Anne and Nancy Wilson,
"And I don't hear a sound
But I know someone's laughing
I'm trying hard to keep my confidence
You take advantage of my innocence...
Where are you, how are you
I'll wait for an answer
Wait for an answer...
I'll wait, 'cause you make me wait..."

William O'Connor said...

Thank you, Casey Kasem. I already posted a response in one of the other threads where you asked the question.

And in the words of Gloria Estefan:
"go away
won't you just go away
go away
don't you come back one day
take your stuff
take all of your precious things
leave right now
who knows what tomorrow brings
stay away
won't you please stay away
live your life
but live it real far away.

Just messin' with you. Peace out.