Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Setting the record straight

If you read the Courier Times yesterday, you noticed a headline that screamed Report gives Pa. teachers a 'D', which more than suggested that our teachers were failing in their performance. Yet if you read the article itself, it was clear that the report referenced in the article concerned the inability in Pennsy to retain good teachers.

In today's Courier, they printed a retraction stating "A report by the National Council on Teacher Quality recently gave the state of Pennsylvania a D grade for failing to retain effective teachers. Incorrect information appeared in a headline Monday."

I'm pleased that the Courier Times recognized their error. Now I wish they would revisit last year's screaming headline that proclaimed Neshaminy failed the PSSA's despite dramatic increases in our overall scores.

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I must be living in Jersey said...

What???? The courier made a mistake???? A sensational headline not representative of the facts???? You're just talking nonsense. Just don't go holding your breath waiting for a retraction on the pssa article last year - you are too young to die :-)