Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Committee Appointments

Newly elected Board President Rich Webb announced his committee appointments for 2009. Below is a partial listing of the committees:

Board Policies: Irene Boyle (Chair), William O'Connor, Susan Cummings
Education Development: Bill Spitz (Chair), Susan Cummings, William O'Connor, Joe Blasch
Finance & Facilities: Rich Webb (Chair), Frank Koziol, Bill Spitz, Kim Koutsouradis
Technology Committee: Joe Blasch (Chair), William O'Connor, Bill Spitz
Negotiations (Certified Staff): Rich Webb (Chair), Frank Koziol, Irene Boyle, Bill Spitz
Negotiations (Support Staff): Frank Koziol (Chair), Joe Blasch, Irene Boyle, Rick Eccles


News Flash said...

Seems to me that some board members are more active than others.

Tim said...

Good catch news flash. The same people who don't do anything at meetings or didn't speak up during the whole Kadri debacle are the same ones who are almost absent from committees. Are they so much busier than the rest that they don't have the time for committees?