Thursday, October 30, 2008

Renovations hit sour note

"They say the show must go on — but can it? Neshaminy High School families hope so.
Dozens of parents and students filled the Neshaminy school board meeting Tuesday night asking officials to find a way to make sure the Middletown high school's musical happens this winter, despite construction."

You can read the rest of this Courier Times article by clicking here.


swelle said...

Nobody should believe this is the first time students lives have been effected by this renovation. The arts people just know how to make a stink about problems but there have been many other student groups who have just sat in silence while their lives have been negatively effected. We don't even know if the building will be big enough. For just a few dollars more a year to each taxpayer for a new building, this construction would have been finished by now and there would have been enough space and the arts kids wouldn't have to be worrying about their musical.

sk.langhorne said...

It sounds like the O'Connor family was well represented at the last board meetimg. Nobody can accuse you or your family of not caring about the district, that's for sure.
I am sure swelle is right about other problems at the high school. Credit goes to staff and the students for making a bad decision look good.