Monday, March 10, 2008

Closing the building, not the program

There is confusion surrounding the proposed closing of Tawanka as some people believe that the board is looking to discontinue the alternative education program. It is the board’s intent to find a more cost effective home for the program, and that means the program will continue. I have not heard one board member even suggest anything to the contrary. So when you come to speak at Friday’s public hearing, please keep in mind we’re only looking to close the building, not shut down the program.

Speaking of the hearings, some of you have voiced concern that you are unable to attend Friday’s sessions. Please remember that you can still speak to the issue of building closures at any of the upcoming public board meetings as well, so you will have ample opportunity to address the board with your opinions.


Anonymous said...

So you in fact are confirming that the board has absolutely NO interest in closing the PROGRAM..just the location.

William O'Connor said...

I can confirm to you that nobody on this board has yet to say anything other than relocate the program so that it can be more cost efficient. As such, the Superintendent is evaluating plans to do just that. If I ever hear members of this board say someting to the contrary, I will post such information on this blog.