Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's Groundhog Day in Harrisburg

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."
- Benjamin Franklin

Earlier today our state representatives defeated a measure that would have eliminated school property taxes. HB1275, otherwise known as the School Property Tax Elimination Act, went down by a vote of 148 - 47. The House is still debating HB1600, which is basically a re-tread of Act 1.

As you may recall, HB1275 sought to eliminate school property taxes through modest increases to the state income tax along with a change to the sales tax code. Unlike all other bills brought before the House, HB1275 was the one piece of legislation that would have offered a net decrease in taxes to the average Bucks County homeowner. Instead, Bucks County residents are now confronted with the likelihood that any measure accepted in Harrisburg will cause a net increase to your taxes (any rebates you receive will be less than the tax increase).

Keep an eye out for updates coming out of Harrisburg in the Courier Times or whatever newspaper you read. And when our elected officials say that the rebates from their concept of tax reform will lower your taxes, be sure to read the fine print.


sk in Langhorne said...

What were you expecting? Did you really think Harrisburg could make a change for the better? This is why I don't even pay attention to anything political beyond the school district and township.

Anonymous said...

Lawmakers don't lower taxes. They just spend their days thinking of new ones. Everytime they say they are going to reform taxes, I get zapped right in the wallet. Thanks, but no thanks.

Anonymous said...

A great injustice was done today to the people of Pennsylvania.

Once again the special interests and the ideologies of the caucus leaders have outweighed the needs of the homeowners and students of Pennsylvania.

We have had enough of these spineless lawmakers who put their own self-interest ahead of the people they represent.

Not one Bucks County representative voted for this bill today. 2008 is an election year and we have the opportunity to teach them what happens when they ignore the will of the voters: Eliminate their jobs this year and find someone who will get the job done.

I must be living in Jersey said...

I read that they will be using the gambling revenue for senior citizens only. They already get all the money from the lottery, now they'll be getting the money from the slots and yet they'll still complain at every school board meeting that they cannot afford their taxes. We should pass a law that any senior citizen who receives benefit from this revenue is not allowed to gamble.

Anonymous said...

Where was King on this one, he was the "reform" candidate? It was Harrisburg that killed educational funding in the '90s that led to our district having to pass the bill onto the taxpayers. Let's hope we get a good teacher's contract for the community as well as closing some buildings where we can. If Harrisburg won't help than our board needs to do what they can to reduce costs. It will be the only way to preserve our programs.

Fitz-IS-IN said...

What is King thinking. Being a Democrat, I am sorry to say that this vote basically gives Fitzpatrick the seat in November.
If you look at who needs the tax relief, it should not be done strictly by age. In Neshaminy, there are more people under 65 who need the tax relief than most seniors who claim how poor they are. An average middle class family struggling with 2 or more kids is in worse financial shape than a senior who has fewer bills and/or is drawing interest on bonds. So give the tax break based on need not age. Giving relief based on only age also creates class warfare which will divide our community even more. A fair tax reform would help all people, including seniors.

Congratulations Fitzpatrick !

KY said...

should have been at the meeting last night...it was a hoot! Lowering taxes, hmmmm - not in this lifetime. Seems we have a debt of 15 million dollars for the school budget this coming year & that isn't EVEN including what the teachers union is going to want from us. Enjoy your cheerios!